Wetsuit Care Guide

Wetsuits are a gift from the gods, they help us stay warm, surf longer and even protect us from reef cuts.


But like all great things, they don´t last forever 😉

(There is exceptions of course , just saying)


From jammed in the boot of your car or crunched up in a bucket, wetsuits literally go trough the proverbial wars.

As materials getting more expensive, you´ll quickly understand, why taking care of your wetsuit is key to keeping you warm and saving your precious wallet.

Keeping your wetsuit clean and salt-free will do wonders for extending it´s lifespan and durability.

But doing it wrong, can create more harm than you proabably think.


That´s why we created this short guide on how to wash and dry your wetsuit properly after every surf to ensure longevity.


The Basics

  • Use a clean mat, towel or a plastic tub that’s big enough to stand in. When you change out of your suit, stand in the tub or on a wetsuit changing mat, so your suit doesn’t touch the ground and gets dirty or harmed by the surface. Get your wetsuit changing mat here 
  • Rinse your suit in cool fresh water as soon as possible, washing it thoroughly – inside and out.
  • With your suit inside out, hang it halfway through the middle of a clothes hanger. Don’t hang it from the neck or shoulders or they will stretch out.
  • Hang your wetsuit in a shady place, ideally with a breeze. Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays break down neoprene.
  • After a few hours – or when the outer side feels dry – flip your suit right side out and continue the drying process in the shade. Don’t leave your wetsuit outside overnight or it’ll be damp in the morning.
  • Once your suit is fully dry, store it on a wide-shoulder hanger until your next surf.


Freshwater rinses aren’t enough to keep the deterioration of saltwater at bay. Every month or so rinse thoroughly and immerse your suit in cold fresh water and add special wetsuit wash GET THE WETSUIT WASH IN OUR SHOP . Follow the instructions on the bottle, and do one final rinse to be safe. Gently squeeze out excess water and dry your suit as usual. Enjoy the wetsuit equivalent of fresh laundry.


Never put your suit in the washing machine, never use normal laundry detergent, never tumble dry, never put in direct sunlight and avoid folding – your wetsuit won´t like it.



Skip the damp suit (we all hate that ) and use these tips to help your wetsuit dry faster:

  • After rinsing in fresh water, hang your suit halfway through a wide hanger in a ventilated bathroom over a shower or tub.
  • Gently squeeze the water out, starting in the shoulders, working your way toward the wrist openings.

  • Repeat on the bottom half of the wetsuit.
  • Wait 30 minutes then repeat the steps above.
  • Once the suit feels dry, flip it right side out.
  • Repeat the squeezing technique every 30 minutes until dry.


Storage while not surfing:

After Surfing

Once your suit is dry, always keep it indoors. Storing your suit in a garage can lead to dampness and car fumes can also damage neoprene.

For the Season

Make sure your wetsuit is completely dry before storing to avoid a moldy smell and store suits lying flat – without any creases or any weight on them.

Hang a suit on a broad-shoulder, plastic hanger. Never use a wire hanger. If you’re in a pinch, use a normal plastic hanger, cut a pool noodle in half and fit it over the hanger.

Do not fold your wetsuit for long periods as the creases will damage the neoprene.

Always keep your wetsuit out of direct sunlight and store it at room temperature – sustained high temperatures can degrade the neoprene.


And if there is a damage occuring nevertheless you tried everything to prevent it, there is some great ways and tools to fix your suit, using neoprene adhesives to glue it at home.


Otherwise we offer wetsuit repairs, just pop in with your suit and we get it professionally repaired. 


And now…



Your team from Sunset Surf





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